Transmission lines

Manufacture and delivery of transmission towers is the most important segment of our production. With the experience gathered over the years and a number of completed projects behind us, we can now proudly say that we successfully manufacture all types of transmission towers according to various type and voltage level specifications. To be more precise, we manufacture transmission towers with voltages ranging from 10/20/30kV (low-voltage) to 420kV (high-voltage), thus boasting a variety of product types and ensuring diversity (versatility).

The towers are manufactured at our facility in Velika Gorica, which includes a designated area for test mountings. Taking into account our clients’ needs, we have also developed a fall protection equipment program.
In addition to manufacturing transmission towers, it should be mentioned that we also produce all additional small accessories in accordance with our clients’ demands.
Transmission towers:

10/20/30/35kV steel lattice towers,
10/20/30/35/66/110/132kV octagonal pipe poles,
66/110/132kV steel lattice towers,
220/380/400/420kV steel lattice towers,
110/220/380/400kV octagonal pipe poles.

Additional equipment:
fall protection equipment,
steel wire anchors,
flag hinges and other equipment
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