Mission and Vision

“We develop and manufacture metal structures and suspension and jointing equipment for power, transport and telecommunication infrastructure, adhering to the principles of business excellence and premium quality and being fully focused on the satisfaction of all stakeholders”.

One of the pillars of civilizational progress is the establishment and development of transport, communication and power connections. Having recognized this, Dalekovod proizvodnja d.o.o. has become one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of equipment for power, road, rail and telecommunication infrastructure, leveraging our extensive knowledge and longstanding tradition through technology and production.
In our constant efforts to make products of Dalekovod proizvodnja d.o.o. distinctive and reliable, we endeavor to adhere to high quality standards and ensure ongoing development of new products, as well as innovation in finding new solutions consistent with our customers’ needs.
Being excellent and applying business excellence principles requires full commitment of each individual in our organization and acceptance of the fundamental concepts of excellence as a set of principles the organization’s conduct, activities and initiatives are based upon.
We develop and maintain business relationships with local and international partners and endeavor to make them into friendly partnerships, while acknowledging and responding to all acceptable suggestions from our customers and providing a long-term sustainable business environment which results in new values and satisfaction of all stakeholders.

“Become the first choice to customers who, in addition to the quality and reliability of our products, demand quick adjustments to new requirements and situations, thus providing for sustainable growth and development”.

Becoming the first choice to customers is an objective that may only be attained through selfless commitment of all our employees to improving the organization’s overall business operations, thus providing a distinctive competitive advantage, while at the same time ensuring that the Company’s growth and development remain sustainable.
Our willingness to constantly improve our organization’s overall operating capabilities and to integrate them into our daily operations on all levels will result in the organization’s timeliness and responsiveness in adjusting to any new requirements or situations we may face and allow us to ensure that our products are of high quality and reliable.
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