Suspension and Jointing Equipment

We provide a high level of flexibility in production, offering both standardised products as well as products that meet the specific needs of different clients and markets.

Proizvodnja OSO d.o.o. offers all types of equipment for load-bearing and tension insulator strings (with composite, glass or ceramic rod insulators), tensioning and suspension of earthing ropes (traditional and optical) and equipment for conductors and earthing ropes, such as:

- forged steel equipment (shackles, bolts, ball eyes, ball tongues, ball clevises, socket clevises, socket eyes, extension links, hinges, turnbuckles etc.),
- steel sheet equipment (yokes, extension links, hinges, adjustable extension links, U-bolts etc.),
- equipment for electrical protection of insulator strings, such as corona protection rings, arcing rings and horns,
- equipment for suspension of conductors and earthing ropes: all types of load-bearing clamps, such as load-bearing clamps with pivots in the centre of the conductor or below, that is, above the conductor axis as well as load-bearing clamps with preformed rods,
- equipment for tensioning of conductors and earthing ropes (compression clamps, bolt clamps wedge clamps, spiral tension clamps for optical earthing ropes),
- system for protection against Aeolian vibrations of conductors and earthing ropes (Stockbridge vibration dampers (2R and 4R), spacer dampers for various bundle conductor layouts (double, triple, quadruple etc.), Bretelle clamps for rope vibration damping,
- other conductor equipment (parallel groove clamps, spacers (rigid and semi-rigid) for various bundle conductor layouts (double, triple, quadruple etc.), aircraft warning sphere, midspan joints, spiral and repair sleeves etc.),
- suspension and jointing equipment for conductors exposed to high temperatures (up to 250°C),
- connectors and buses for substations up to 500 kV.
Suspension and jointing equipment is manufactured in accordance with the applicable international standards (IEC 61284, BS 3288, IEC 61897, IEC 61854, IEC 60120, ANSI C29.2, ISO 1461, ASTM A153 etc.).

The company has all the required production technology (for casting of non-ferrous metals, forging of non-ferrous metals and steel, machining, manufacturing sheet products using the plastic deformation transformation method, welding, riveting, and tool design and production), modern machinery and a certified mechanical laboratory (HRN ISO/IEC 17025:2000) for monitoring operations with the aim of achieving the necessary level of quality.

The annual production capacity is over than 3,500 tons of suspension equipment.
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