Suspension and Jointing Equipment

Stable operation of high voltage transmission lines entirely depends on suspension and jointing equipment that mechanically connects all components of insulation strings, primarily insulators, conductors and steel cross arm braces.
Depending on the position within the insulator string, suspension and jointing equipment is classified as follows:
- jointing equipment for joining insulator strings with steel cross arm braces ,
- protective equipment used to minimize the electric field and prevent interference due to noise caused by corona discharges and well as controlling the electric arc in case of surges,
- conductor equipment positioned directly on the conductors,
- other equipment for connecting all elements of insulator strings together.
In addition to insulator strings, our products include:
- midspan joints for continual conductors,
- repair sleeves (compression and spiral),
- spacers (rigid and semi-rigid) for bundle conductors,
- interphase spacers that limit the shifting and galloping of neighbouring phase conductors,
- counterweights used in areas characterised by particularly strong winds,
- signalisation equipment; aeronautical visualisation of overhead line conductors.
One of the goals of Proizvodnja OSO d.o.o. is to, in cooperation with partners from all around the world, develop methods and technologies to manufacture equipment that is easy to install, reliable, competitive and also innovative in order to respond to the challenges dictated by the current situation in the energy and transmission sector. 
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