Manufacture and delivery of substations is one of the more important segments of our production. Substation manufacture is an integral part of our production program and yet another proof of its quality and diversity.
With the experience gathered over the years and a number of completed projects behind us, we can proudly say that we successfully manufacture diverse structures which are installed in substations, from pedestals, lightning rods, transition towers (from one voltage level to another) to portals serving as conductor supports at the substation entrance. Based on special product type specifications and the specific nature of our products, we can manufacture equipment (products) containing various types of steel profiles, including pipes.

The substations are manufactured at our facility in Velika Gorica, which includes a designated area for test mountings.
In addition to manufacturing substation equipment, it should be mentioned that we also produce all additional small accessories in accordance with our clients’ demands.
We successfully manufacture structures of all voltage levels:
pedestals – using pipe and steel profiles,
lightning rods - using pipe and steel profiles,
transition towers - using pipe and steel profiles,
portals - using pipe and steel profiles.

We offer the following services:
substation equipment design,
manufacture and test mounting,
hot-dip galvanisation in accordance with ASTM 123 and ISO 1461,
paint-coating in accordance with EN 12944 (RAL and BS specifications),
delivery to the mounting location.

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