Protective and Optical Earthing Rope Equipment

On transmission lines, protective earthing ropes are installed on the tops of towers and serve as protection against lightning strikes.
Instead of standard protective earthing ropes, protective earthing ropes and cables with optical fibres have lately been increasingly used (OPGW, ADSS, OPPC). In addition to ensuring protection against lightning strikes, they also allow data transmission.
Due to the sensitivity of glass fibres that they contain, optical ropes require special spiral load-bearing and tensioning clamps that we have developed ourselves and that have been applied throughout the world for many years already.
The equipment program includes:
- load-bearing clamps with preformed rods for traditional and optical earthing ropes,
- load-bearing clamps for traditional protective earthing ropes,
- compression clamp for traditional protective earthing ropes,
- preformed tensioning clamp with a base rod for optical ropes,
- clevis thimble,
- C and G supports for load-bearing tensioning systems,
- load-bearing rollers for smaller spans,
- equipment for earthing and guiding ropes.

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