Research and Development

By improving the latest design techniques and product analysis and by probing into new options of using the latest materials and product characteristics, we aim to establish full partnerships with our customers.
Having over 68 years of experience in the manufacture of suspension and jointing equipment, steel lattice and tubular towers and aboveground transmission line structures, we also develop new possibilities for the mathematical modeling of systems and their components by using state-of-the-art software tools to solve such mathematical models defined. By researching and developing our products this way, we also provide for new opportunities to build our technological and manufacturing capacities and ensure high quality of our products to the latest quality standards.
The R&D team, headquartered in Velika Gorica, Croatia, aims to establish strategic partnerships with its customers by combining technical competence, product knowledge and development, laboratory research, and R &D activities in collaboration with renowned institutes, faculties and laboratories in Croatia and Europe.
We as a company, and in particular our R&D team, are always willing to cooperate with our partners and customers by adjusting, redesigning or innovating some of our products, including all novelties in such products, for the ultimate purpose of achieving business excellence and full satisfaction of our final customers across the world.
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