General Information

The laboratory was founded in 1963 and has since then initiated development and research projects.
Within the scope of business, the laboratory is an autonomous organizational unit under the supervision of independent external auditing institutions. Dalekovod Laboratory personnel are trained in compliance with the requirements of standards. 

- Visual, dimensional, mechanical, electircal and wear-and-tear testing of suspension and jointing equipment for transmission lines, substations and other power facilities
- Chemical, magnetic and other quality testing and galvanization thickness
- Testing of mechanical properties and strength of metal materials
- Mechanical testing of poles and other metal structures
- Measuring of deformation of products and structures using tensometric methods
- Mechanical and electrical testing of equipment for railways
- Testing the strength of rubber/ testing hardness of rubber
- Testing bolts and washers, chemical compositions of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, quality of welding using ultrasound, magnetic and penetration methods
- Measuring vibration and testing muffling devices, calculation and estimation of high and low frequency electrical and magnetic fields
- Control of technological processes for welding and casting
- Testing, control and filling of fire-extinguishing apparatuses, 
- Testing tension cranes, compressive strength of concrete, sound volume, lighting
- Testing and inspection of the working environment as well as machinery and devices
Besides HAA accreditation, the Dalekovod Laboratory complies with standards and regulations: HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025, HRN EN 45004, HRN EN 45011, HR EN 45012, HR EN 61566, DIN VDE 0184, as well as Regulation on limiting the strength for electromagnetic fields with respect to radio equipment, telecommunication and terminal equipment.
Regulation on protection against electromagnetic fields 
obtained the Resolution and a confirmation of authorization for measuring high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the frequency band from 75MHz to 3,000 MHz and calculation of high-frequency electromagnetic fields in the frequency band from 100kHz to 3,000 MHz.

Testing, inspection, training and services in the area of health and work safety:

Testing the level of lighting quality, Measuring sound levels, octave analysis, the atmospheric relative humidity, the velocity of air flow, air temperature in the work environment, the concentration of harmful physical and chemical effects, inspection of machinery and devices:
Visual inspection – stability, access, accommodation, functioning of command, control and signal devices, protective devices and electrical installations – protection against direct contact with electrified parts
Employee training:

Training of employees for work in a safe manner and the implementation of preventive measures for fire protection, fire fighting and rescue of people and property at fire risk
Dalekovod Laboratory has professional and experienced employees undergoing continual training in their many years of work and offer expert solutions in the above stated fields.

Besides the above stated, the Dalekovod Laboratory offers consulting services in the area of management systems such as:

Quality management system in compliance with standard HRN EN ISO 9001; Environmental protection management system in compliance with standard HRN EN ISO 14001; Equipping test laboratories in compliance with standard HRN EN ISO/I EC 17025.
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