The Lacquering Line operates within Cinčaonica usluge d.o.o. and specialises in metal painting, structural repair works (stationary and on site) and the duplex system.
Technological procedures used in the process are:
- Preparation of steel surfaces by abrasive blast cleaning in accordance with the ISO 8501-1 standard; manual and automatic shot blasting;
- Dry abrasive cleaning using abrasives such as: grit, corundum, quartz sand and steel shot – in order to achieve Sa 1, Sa 2, Sa 2½ and Sa 3 quality;
- Preparation of steel surfaces using mechanical tools in accordance with the ISO 5801-1 standard in order to achieve level 1, 2, and 3 quality; and
- Dry abrasive roughening of hot-dip galvanised surfaces (sweep blasting) with non-metallic abrasives.
Application techniques used are:
- Airless painting with highly sophisticated devices and mostly epoxy, PUR or water-based coatings, as required by the investor
- Spray painting
- Manual painting with brushes and rollers
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