Aerial Bundled Conductor Accessories

Construction of insulated overhead power networks with aerial bundled conductors (ABC) in developed industrialized countries today has almost completely superseded the traditional low-voltage network with bare conductors. Due to its advantageous technical, economic and aesthetical aspects, the low-voltage network type with aerial bundle conductors has found wide application.

Particular designs present a segment of standard product designs for suspension sets, tension sets and jointing equipment most commonly used in construction of low voltage (0.4kV) and medium voltage (10kV and 20kV) power lines with ABC accessories. 

Dalekovod Proizvodnja d.o.o. boasts of long-time experience in design and of insulated overhead power networks, and development and production of accessories for this type of network.

The catalogue (Aerial Bundled Conductor Accessories.pdf (4,83 MB)) contains technical designs of suspension sets, angular suspension sets, tension sets and jointing equipment for aerial bundle conductor accessories, intended either for wood, steel, concrete, or polymer poles.